Lately we have been getting a lot of questions about traveling by air with ice packs. Here’s the skinny…

You can bring Cooler Shock packs through security as long as they are frozen, no issues. (You can get details at TSA.Gov)

If the packs are defrosted they will not let you take them on the plane.  Consider checking ahead at your hotel or other destination to be sure you can re-freeze the packs to take them home.
Of course you can transport the dry packs if they have not been hydrated yet.  The CS packs should stay frozen all day if you take them to the airport in a cooler.

We’ve had a lot of questions related to this and the transportation of breast milk. It seems that we’ve been mentioned somewhere on a website regarding the great success one Mom had using CS for this purpose. If you have specific need please check our chart for usage on our main web page or contact us for specific details.

Stay Cool!
​Chris A