Our cooler ice packs work well for 2 reasons, one is the formulation and the other is the bag it comes in. The Cooler Shock ice pack bag has 5 layers including aluminum (not Mylar) and Nylon. It is designed to allow energy to transfer rapidly. Other cooler ice packs often have a hard plastic shell which makes them more durable. The problem is that you are giving up the primary goal of keeping things cold for the durability. In our view it’s like making tires out of metal to get them to last longer. They will last longer but you will not get what you need out of a tire, the ability to stop and steer.

That said, we want you to be happy with the durability of our product as well. Please check our webpage on care and maintenance https://coolershock.com/care–maintenance.html to get the best longevity out of our ice packs. Here are a couple of basic pointers….try not to toss them especially when soft or cause them to crush up into a corner. This will stress the lamination of the 5 layers over time.

​Keep in mind that a cooler ice pack releases energy from both sides. If you put an ice pack against the side of a cooler (yes very common) you are insulating one side from releasing energy and you are also pushing good energy out of the side of the cooler. Placing the ice packs amongst your food and beverages gives the very best result.

Finally, contact us if you have any issues with your packs durability so we can make you happy again. Thank you for the great reviews and for your purchase. Chris Aliberti, Co-Founder