Cooler Shock exceeds 2000 Amazon reviews

Cooler Shock exceeds 2000 Amazon reviews on Amazon! Additionally, the reviews consistently average above 4.5 stars. I wanted to take a minute to thank our customers and our team at Cooler Shock. We’ve worked very hard to deliver something we can be proud of and that our customers feel is a real value. Thanks to our customers for taking the time to review us and for the wonderful reviews. Without that effort we would be a different company. Reviews are the cornerstone of successful sales and they allow smaller companies like ours to compete with larger companies.

With that said, thank you to Murry, Dave, Joel, Mike, Danielle, Daniela, Christina, Julianna, Bob – I greatly appreciate all of your efforts that have gotten us through the stress of growth and new product introductions while still keeping our customers happy! You all are the best!

Reviews are critical

Reviews are critical to product success. At the heart of reviews are happy customers that are getting what they expect. Not every customer is 100% happy with our product therefore we have a no questions asked satisfaction policy. Either you are happy or we take care of you until you are.

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​I’m blessed..
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