Cooler Shock has updated and improved our cooler ice packs with a thicker, stronger outer layer. We’ve been delivering this in the screw cap version for several months. The zipper type in both sizes just begin delivery in July. This should be a meaningful improvement in longevity. Although many use our ice packs for years, those that use it daily and find it sliding around their cooler as they transport them, may experience wear that leads to pin holes. We hope to give the packs greater tolerance with the new design. As a reminder, it’s easy to fix any hole with some packing tape or Gorilla brand clear tape.

This summer we introduced the screw cap version of the large pack and that has been a runaway success. We are now selling those at 60% of overall sales.

Also new this summer are the nylon carry packs with zippers. These help with cooling, avoiding freezing your drinks and carrying. Check them out if you have a minute.

Finally, we introduced Cooler Shock soft side coolers! These have been selling well. The key reason we introduced these was to provide a cooler that had a pocket for our ice packs. They are designed to be great for a typical 24 hour outing and have one full inch of foam insulation. For a comparison, the typical cooler has less at 3/4 of an inch with a similar liner and the Polar Bear coolers have one inch of insulation foam with a slightly thicker internal liner.

What’s next?
We’ve had many requests for a smaller pack. We are working on final size and should have those out by October. Also on the drawing board is a slide lock for the zipper pack that eliminates ironing. It will also double as a handle. If anyone would like early release samples, please contact Chris at:

Thank you so much for all of your support and positive reviews! We are grateful for our loyal customers.
​Chris A.