A popular use for Cooler Shock ice packs is keeping your catch fresh while fishing. Fishermen can spend hundreds of dollars on ice on longer outings. Cooler Shock is colder than ice and is reusable. Some of the challenges using our ice packs to keep fish fresh, is the difficulty in handling them and preventing damage from sharp fins and scales. In order to address these challenges, we’ve added 8mil clear sport/fishing bags to our catalog. This is a perfectly sized 8 mil thick (5 times thicker than a sandwich bag) with a heavy zipper and a punched handle. This makes it easy to carry and place the packs, both in the freezer as well as on the boat in your well or cooler. It keeps the stink off the packs, adds durability, and keeps the salt water off the packs. They have a minimal effect on cooling that translates into longer cooling life. They are currently sold as 10 packs here on the website. They can also be used in general use for easy carry and handling. They are different then the nylon mesh bags which would get messy when used for fishing. The nylon mesh bags aid in cooling delivery inside a food packed cooler by creating an air gap at the contact surfaces within the cooler.