• Cooler Shock mid-size 4 pack screw cap fill and save replaces ice, used in a cooler
  • Cooler Shock large DIY ice pack with slide lock sealing

What Are Cooler Shock Ice Packs?

Cooler Shock ice packs are an ice alternative that far outperforms ice, saving weight and space.  It comes in large ice packs (10″x 14″) or mid size packs (10″x 9″). You can buy them ready-to-use or in packs that you fill with water then seal. Sealing is done with a simple cork and screw cap or a zipper version followed by  an iron for a permanent seal. Dry cooler packs are a great value and our biggest seller.  Cooler Shock is a gel when warm and a solid block when frozen.

Cooler Shock ice packs can actually freeze room temperature water over a 4 hour period.  See our test results here.

Warm drinks turn ice cold and sandwiches won’t be soggy at the end of the day. Ice packs go back in the freezer for your next outing.

Use for Boating, Fishing, Picnics Tailgating & Perishable Transport
When you’re done fishing these cooler ice packs are great for storing and transporting your catch.
Ideal for the transport of perishable goods. Commercial accounts available.

Prove It
Cooler Shock ice packs have over 2,500 “5” Star reviews on Amazon with reviews running the gamut from commercial food transport to keeping pets cool. We’ve also documented tests against ice. You can see that here under test results.

Why is Cooler Shock Better?

First, Cooler Shock can save you money by shipping the ice packs to you without the water (dry). You add water to our formulation and save on all of that shipping weight (also sold ready to use). From a science standpoint, Cooler Shock phase changes (changes from solid to gel) at 18° Fahrenheit vs. ice which does this at 32°. This provides sustained cooling at 18°. It’s a basic science principle that materials get “stuck” during this change until the change is complete.

Cooler Shock contents are more dense than ice, making our energy concentration higher than ice and other packs. Additionally, we use a five-layer custom bag material designed for rapid energy transfer. A key layer is aluminum, know for its heat transfer ability.

Ice is a Mess
Ice looks nice but when you get past the look of a cooler full of ice and recall the soggy sandwiches and mildly cold beverages, you can understand why there is a need for an alternative. Imagine eliminating that bacterial soup in the bottom of your cooler.

​The simple math is that each time you fill your cooler with 10 to 20 lbs of ice you spend $5-$15 dollars and it’s gone at the end of the day.

You can pay for one reusable Cooler Shock in one or two outings. Use it over and over!

Ice Equivalent Chart (Lg. Size 4lbs)

Cooler Shock quantity chart

Cooler Test Video

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