Cooler Shock ice packs are made with multiple layers, including nylon and aluminum. Ice packs will last many years with normal use. Customers typically use Cooler Shock for 100 to 300+ freeze/thaw cycles. Cooler Shock pays for itself in only 5 cycles compared to the cost of ice. Longevity is primarily dependent on handling. See details on this page.

Large Cooler Shock cooler ice pack freezing temperature

Water requirements:

  • Large size packs require 56 ounces of water (7 cups)
  • Medium size packs require 28 ounces (3.5 cups)
  • Lunch packs require 12 ounces (1.5 cups)

Maintenance tips:

  • Avoid throwing and tossing especially when frozen as the material is more rigid and subject to damage along the edges
  • Avoid repeated sliding and banging motions inside your cooler while transporting
  • Keep sharp objects away from packs and keep in mind that ice can also be sharp
  • Avoid long term water submersion, as it can cause the bag material to delaminate
  • You can store the pack either frozen or thawed
  • Packs should be stored laying flat

No matter where you bought Cooler Shock, you can contact us by e-mail or chat within one year of purchase for any issues. We are happy to send you free replacements packs. We want happy customers. E-mail us at

Repairing Cooler Shock ice packs
If your pack gets damaged you can repair it. The best method for doing this is using a high quality clear repair tape. The best we’ve found is clear Gorilla Tape. This is sold in most home improvement stores. Prepare the pack for repair by pushing and squeezing the internal gel away from the damaged area. Thoroughly dry the area and apply the tape smooth and flat.

Fixing home iron sealed ice packs
If you find that a seam was not completely sealed when preparing at home, you can  clean it and then make a second pass with your iron. Alternatively, squeeze the material away from the seam and then thoroughly dry the area with a towel or rag. Use Gorilla Tape to cover both sides of the seam. Apply it so that the tape is half on one side then folding it over to the other side, press and seal as well to create a fully sealed new seam. Pinch the ends tight and cut clean with scissors. Always watch for developing condensation while repairing the pack. The moisture will inhibit the repair.

Disposing of Cooler Shock
Simply toss it in the trash can. If a major leak has developed, put it in a plastic bag first to avoid a mess in your trash can.