Cooler Shock ice packs are made with multiple layers, including nylon and aluminum. Ice packs will last many years with normal use. Customers typically use Cooler Shock for 100 to 300+ freeze/thaw cycles. Cooler Shock pays for itself in only 5 cycles compared to the cost of ice. Longevity is primarily dependent on handling. See details on this page.

Large Cooler Shock cooler ice pack freezing temperature

Water requirements:

  • Large size packs require 56 ounces of water (7 cups)
  • Medium size packs require 28 ounces (3.5 cups)
  • Lunch packs require 12 ounces (1.5 cups)

Maintenance tips:

  • Avoid throwing and tossing especially when frozen as the material is more rigid and subject to damage along the edges
  • Avoid repeated sliding and banging motions inside your cooler while transporting
  • Keep sharp objects away from packs and keep in mind that ice can also be sharp
  • Avoid long term water submersion, as it can cause the bag material to delaminate
  • You can store the pack either frozen or thawed
  • Packs should be stored laying flat

No matter where you bought Cooler Shock, you can contact us by e-mail or chat within one year of purchase for any issues. We are happy to send you free replacements packs. We want happy customers. E-mail us at

Repairing Cooler Shock ice packs
If your pack gets damaged you can repair it. The best method for doing this is using a high quality clear repair tape. The best we’ve found is clear Gorilla Tape. This is sold in most home improvement stores. Prepare the pack for repair by pushing and squeezing the internal gel away from the damaged area. Thoroughly dry the area and apply the tape smooth and flat.

Fixing home iron sealed ice packs
If you find that a seam was not completely sealed when preparing at home, you can  clean it and then make a second pass with your iron. Alternatively, squeeze the material away from the seam and then thoroughly dry the area with a towel or rag. Use Gorilla Tape to cover both sides of the seam. Apply it so that the tape is half on one side then folding it over to the other side, press and seal as well to create a fully sealed new seam. Pinch the ends tight and cut clean with scissors. Always watch for developing condensation while repairing the pack. The moisture will inhibit the repair.

Disposing of Cooler Shock
Simply toss it in the trash can. If a major leak has developed, put it in a plastic bag first to avoid a mess in your trash can.

Download PDF instructions here:

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are Cooler Shock packs reusable?
    • Yes! Cooler Shock packs are reusable! Use once, then freeze again for your next use!
  • Do I need to refill the packs?
    • No, you do not need to refill your Cooler Shock packs. Once they are sealed, they should not be opened or emptied.
  • What is the difference between the DIY packs and the ready to use packs?
    • The DIY packs come to you with our special cooling mixture inside and you just need to add water, shake, and seal. Our ready to use packs are expertly filled here at our headquarters. Once you receive the ready to use packs, all you need to do is place them in your freezer!
  • Can I use my Cooler Shock packs in the refrigerator?
    • Cooler Shock packs are expertly designed to provide the best cooling energy when frozen. Refrigerators simply do not get cold enough to activate the phase change science Cooler Shock utilizes. We highly recommend freezing your Cooler Shock packs before use.
  • What is the difference between the zipper packs and the screw cap packs?
    • Essentially, nothing. The packs contain the same ingredients. The only difference is how you fill and seal the packs at home. Our zipper packs require an iron to seal, whereas the screw cap packs use a funnel and cork (provided) to create a leak-proof seal.
  • Are Cooler Shock packs hazardous?
    • No, Cooler Shock packs are non-hazardous.
  • Where can I buy Cooler Shock packs in person?
    • Cooler Shock is currently sold in select home improvement chains such as Ace Hardware. We recommend calling your local store to see if they carry Cooler Shocks before visiting.
  • Can I use a vacuum sealer to seal the Cooler Shock zipper packs?
    • We recommend using an iron to seal the Cooler Shock zipper packs as we cannot be certain that a vacuum sealer can reach high enough temperatures to properly seal the packs.
  • What is the best way to store Cooler Shock packs when not in use?
    • Cooler Shock packs can last nearly 3x as long if they are stored in a freezer when not in use! We highly suggest returning your packs to the freezer when finished with them.
  • Where can I buy Cooler Shock internationally?
  • Can I bring my Cooler Shock packs on an airplane?
  • I forgot to squeeze the air out of my Cooler Shock pack before freezing – is this okay?
    • Your Cooler Shock packs will still work. We recommend pushing the air out of the packs in order to allow for maximum cooling. If you have purchased the zipper packs, you can poke a small hole near the seal from which to express the air. Then you can use the iron to reseal the hole.
  • How can I repair a wear-and-tear hole in my Cooler Shock pack?
    • You can use Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal tape (best) or strong packing tape. Dry the area where you are applying the tape and push the contents of the pack away so they do not leak when applying the tape.
  • Are Cooler Shock packs snap-and-go?
    • No, Cooler shock packs must be filled and then frozen for 24-48 hours prior to use.
  • How long do you recommend I freeze my Cooler Shock packs before use?
    • This answer depends on size. For our large 10×14” packs, we recommend 48 hours for best results. For our mid-size 10×9” packs, we recommend 24 hours prior to using. For our small lunch 6.5×7.5” packs, we recommend 12 hours prior to using.
  • How many Cooler Shock packs do you recommend for my cooler?
  • Can I use Cooler Shock packs to ship food?
    • Yes, this is a great use for Cooler Shock!
  • Can I use Cooler Shock packs to keep my breast milk cool?
    • Yes, we have many customers who use Cooler Shock for this reason. To keep your breast milk from freezing, we recommend making sure the Cooler Shock packs are not touching your breast milk.
  • Can I use Cooler Shock packs as ice packs for the body?
    • No, please don’t use Cooler Shock packs for this purpose. Simply put, they are too cold for prolonged use on the skin.
  • I forgot to shake my Cooler Shock after filling and it’s already frozen. What can I do?
    • Don’t panic! Thaw the Cooler Shock and knead the package to help mix the water into gel.
  • I forgot to wait the recommended time after filling. Is this okay?
    • Short answer: yes. We recommend waiting after adding the water so that it has time to emulsify with the mixture. However, it still has time to do this in the freezer before it freezes completely.
  • Can I use your Cooler Shock soft coolers with ice?
    • We highly recommend using our Cooler Shock packs with our soft coolers. However, yes, ice can be used with our soft coolers as the lining is water resistant.
  • Do you offer a warranty on the Cooler Shock packs?
    • Yes, we warranty the Cooler Shock packs for 6 months after purchase. If you have packs outside of the warranty time frame, please contact for more options.